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In the beginning….


On 7 April 2017 I launched my business “Systematic Homes”. I have now been a Professional Organiser for the past year and I have heard many a cry of “what’s a Professional Organiser?” So, I decided to ask Siri who told me:

professional organising is an industry that developed in 1984 in Los Angeles California, to help individual and business design organise systems and processes to improve quality of life, personal productivity and greater efficiency


This of course is not to be confused with a Personal Organiser which is what Siri thought I asked the first time! To be clear, a Personal Organiser is: “a lightweight consumer electronic device that looks like a handheld computer, but instead preforms specific tasks: can serve as a diary or a personal data base, or a telephone or alarm clock”!

How Does a Professional Organiser help?

I see a Professional Organiser as someone who can help to


  • restore calm to your home or office
  • make your work space more productive
  • enable your home to be more relaxing
  • DE-stress your morning rush (you know when you can’t find the things that you need to get ready)


I think the top benefit of getting a Professional Organiser in to help is how clearing the clutter clears your head space, which is so important for our health and wellbeing and it can even help you sleep better.


I love my job


I have to say one of my favourite parts of my job is that feeling of calm when I leave, and a job is completed. Some of my clients have commented after Systematic Homes has worked its magic, by saying:


  • that “a weight was lifted off my shoulders”
  • “I feel more productive”
  • “I love my home again”.   


These are the very reasons why I started this business; it’s not just about the physical clutter, but the mental clutter the physical clutter creates.


A year of learning new things


It has been a wonderful year and I have learnt so much, met so many wonderful people and have enjoyed watching my little business grow.  Some of the greatest lessons I have learned are that:


  • Social Media and networking are my two biggest platforms to showcase my business. I have a beautiful website that was designed for me by Richard at Hyde Design and it really explains what I do; I love my website, but I have to keep promoting my website through the platforms I have at my disposal;
  • Local networking groups are your friend.  I cannot imagine what I would have done without the Women in Business Network (WIBN).The best thing I ever did was join the WIBN. After I had gone live with my website and set up my email account I sat back waiting for clients to contact me. Luckily for me, Louise Yexley who runs WIBN in Hitchin was the first email to land in me inbox. I still remember how nervous I was when I attend my first networking meeting and had to stand up and talk about my business, it was only for 60 seconds but I shook the whole time. WIBN has been invaluable to me and my business, being a great platform, for me to share my vision and get support and advice.
  • It’s important to join association, after all we all need support and ongoing training. APDO- the Association of Professional Organisers and Declutters, is the font of all knowledge. While doing research for my business I found the APDO online and was delighted to become a full member in April 2017. They offer courses and training and they also advertise your business on their website another platform
  • Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, pause and think before agreeing to something. You can always talk to the others you meet when networking and one of the best places to ask questions for me is APDO Facebook group
  • Continue to read, read and read again. You can never learn too much and its vital to always be open to learning and listening.
  • It’s great to see if you can support and work with other business, especially new business. Alice from Boost studio was someone I knew from a stay and play group I attended with my daughter. Alice launched her business, as a PT instructor around the same time I was launching Systematic Homes. We swapped services, we wrote reviews for each other and Alice is and has been one of my biggest advocates for my business over the past year for which I am grateful

What’s next for Systematic Homes?


Well starting this blog is my next big step, being able to share topics and advice about decluttering and getting organised. I am aiming to write one blog a month and see where this part of my journey takes me.

Selling stuff for clients is something that has been hit and miss and going forward I want to gain more knowledge in this area.

But most importantly I want to keep helping and supporting the wonderful clients who I have worked with and the new clients I meet. I have been so lucky to get so many good reviews and for me that has been the best thing about the last year and Systematic homes. To all my past, present and future clients, a big Thank You from Systematic Homes.  Here’s to another exciting year ahead!


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A Bit About Me

Joanne Harte is the founder of Systematic Homes an established business with many 5 star reviews. Joanne has a passion for clearing the clutter and getting organised and is looking forward to sharing tips through this blog with you.

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