Creating Calm Spaces

Creating Calm Spaces is online support, guiding you, to declutter and organise your home. 

As professional organisers we believe that every room in your home should have a purpose and a function, not just be a dumping ground and a place that makes you feel overwhelmed, stressed or anxious. 

If you feel you have a room, an area, or few spaces that need to be sorted, but feel like you don’t know where to get started, Creating Calm Spaces is for you! 

Let's get started!

Let’s start by giving you a bit more information on how this session can get you started on your journey to clutter-free living, why online sessions really do work, and what you need to do to get the most out of these sessions.

When we feel overwhelmed by anything we often procrastinate and put in blocks and barriers, that stop us from getting started. We often set unrealistic goals that make us feel like we are failing and have high expectations of ourselves to get something done right away and when this does not happen we give up.

That is why these sessions work so well. We will work with you to find the best place to get started in your home, we will support you to set goals and break them down into achievable steps, we will give advice, tips, and motivation and offer ongoing support that gives you that all-important accountability. Once we have got started you will have all you need to keep going. 

Plants and Candles

How does this session work?

•    Once you have booked your time and date for “Creating Calm Spaces”, you will receive an email with some paperwork for you to complete
•    To get the best out of your session, please take some time to complete the paperwork fully and return it to us along with some pictures
•    Give as much information as you can on your feedback, don’t hold back, and don’t forget to send photos!
•    More information will help us to give you great tips, advice, support - and your solution
•    The paperwork will need to be returned at least three days before your “Creating Calm Spaces” session. So getting this done as soon as possible allows you to get the most out of your online session
•    At the end of the “Creating Calm Spaces” session you will have the motivations and feel energised and focused on what you need to do and a plan of how you are going to do it!

  All for only £67  

After a zoom session with Joanne, I was so motivated not only to declutter one room, but to declutter my whole home!! I started in the loft and then moved onto changing my cluttered spare room into a peaceful workspace, which would also act as my retreat and meditation room too. Joanne had amazing ideas and really helped me find a vision for my space. Thank you xxxx

- Karen Jeffs