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Systematic Homes
Organising and decluttering your home


Feeling like it is all too much? Not sure where to start in the home with getting things sorted? Life just too busy?

Systematic Homes is here to help.

Based in Hitchin, Hertfordshire, we offer a range of services to help your home become more organised,

to help you get through some of life’s big events, like moving house or having a baby.

Organising and decluttering is not only about gaining more physical space but about gaining more head space,

achieving a calmer environment with less time looking for stuff daily.


An orderly home means less stress.


To discuss what we can do to help please contact us



SORTED! The workshop for a happier calmer Clutter Free Life

Saturday 18th January 2020: 10am – 2pm

16 Nightingale Rd, Hitchin SG5 1QS
Our Lady Immaculate and St Andrew Catholic Church

£60 per ticket



Systematic Homes offers a friendly confidential service.


We can work with you or you can leave us to get on with it and just oversee final decisions.

We have a passion for helping you sort your home and can offer tips to stay organised longer term.

We offer a free no obligations consultation.

At Systematic Homes we completely understand that life can get busy and sometimes we need a little help to help us to regain control.




“The more things you own the more they own you”




  • "Joanne helped me sort through everything finding things I hadn't seen for ages!
    She implemented a system that makes sense where I can now see different items clearly
    and with Joanne's help I've got rid of so many things we have grown out of or just don't need anymore.
    I would highly recommend Joanne's services, she is logical and meticulous with some amazing ideas!
    Thanks so much for making my day to day life much calmer and practical."

  • "Joanne came to me for 3 hours today and I can't believe how much got done!
    I have a 9 month old so all the little bits that need sorting before we move house just seem impossible to do.
    I couldn't believe how many bags she took away (to take to charity shop, herself) and I have so much more space.
    She is super organised, great company and a huge help. Thanks so much jo - I'm sure I'll be back in touch!"

  • "I've just had the great pleasure of experiencing Joanne's Systematic Homes service.
    We are undergoing renovations and as such are living in a cluttered and untidy house.
    In just two sessions I already feel that the clouds of anxiety about the clutter are starting to lift.
    We have a long way to go but will enjoy our journey together to a more organised life. Thank you so much!"

  • "Joanne came a few weeks ago to help me tidy, declutter and organise my daughters bedroom. She completed an excellent job encouraging me to get rid of unwanted items (to sell, charity or tip) and to arrange the items that I wanted to keep in such a way that my 8 year old daughter can maintain herself. It says a lot about Joanne’s talent that when Joanne returned today (to sort out my garage) my daughters room looks as tidy and organised as it did 4 weeks ago."
  • "Joanne has been a breath of fresh air! I had been putting off clearing out my attic which was crammed full of baby stuff that I had kept 'just in case we'd have another'! I didn't realise until Jo came to help me that I had actually been putting it off because of the emotional attachment I had to all the stuff. With Jo's help, I was able to be really practical about it all and we had it all cleared within a morning. Joanne has since gone on to help me sell items too, which has been a weight off my mind as well. Thanks Joanne, you are a star xx"
  • "The lovely Joanne did a fabulous job clearing, sorting and organising my 8yro (secret hoarder) son's bedroom so that we can reclaim some space for a desk and bookshelves. He is loving the space and rediscovering toys he's not had access to for months. So worth the investment and no more battles for me! Cant recommend Systematic homes enough - brilliant service, brilliant value. I'll be using her again!"