A homemaker service from Systematic Homes - "A breath of fresh air"

When you carry out your biggest job to date and get a wonderful guest blog in thanks from the blogger Sen Fun London, you know you did the right thing taking on the challenge.

Check out what Sen Fun London said

" When we approached Systematic Homes to help with a particular project, it was a project with a difference; rather than asking for help to declutter of a particular room or space, we asked for their help with a house move, specifically to unpack our belongings into our new home and getting us settled in quickly with our creature comforts. We knew that this wasn’t Systematic Homes’ usual line of business, but we were delighted when Systematic Homes was willing to step up to the plate and take on the challenge. There is clear synergy between their core decluttering business and “home making” after a move and helping people to get organised in their new space. You may be wondering why we wanted this type of service given many people just do their own unpacking but to be honest, our move probably couldn’t have come at a worse time. Not only do we have a son with complex additional needs, we had expected to move earlier in the summer but because of issues in the chain our move was postponed to late August. This coincided with me needing surgery for a significant health issue which had only come to light earlier in the summer and as a result we knew we were not in a position to do it all ourselves. But once Systematic Homes were on board, we could breathe a sigh of relief, knowing we were in safe hands. The run up to the move was stressful (as these things often are), but with the added dimension of my health issues to cope with. When the move happened, I was a mere week out of hospital and unable to do much on doctors’ orders. We had arranged for the removal company to do the packing and physical moving but not the unpacking as we needed things being put away and not just unpacked onto flat surfaces which is what most removal companies offer. But not to fear because the day after the move, Systematic Homes got to work on making our new house a home. Having spoken to Joanne (founder of Systematic Homes) beforehand about what we were looking for from the home making service, Joanne understood there were certain rooms which were a priority for us, namely getting our son’s bedroom, the kitchen and our bedroom so she made it her mission to get those three spaces unpacked and put in order on day 1. On day 2, she helped tackle the guest room, bathrooms and utility room. Joanne’s approach was very methodical, and she tackled each room in a systematic (pardon the pun) way. It was undoubtedly hard work and although I tried to help where I could, my role was more directing where I wanted things (and making the tea!). Despite the hard work/mountain of boxes to tackle, Joanne did it all with good humour, a smile and with absolute professionalism. She put things away in a manner that it was logical and easy to find once Systematic Homes had left the building! And the best thing was that Joanne was able to suggest decluttering hacks and ideas for streamlining things as we went along. We are definitely going to be putting some of those ideas into practice (like converting one of the storage cupboards into a linen cupboard for towels/bedding etc by installing some shelving units etc.). Unbelievably at the end of 2 days, between us (with some extra help from my mum and brother in law), Systematic Homes had unpacked 90+ boxes and done exactly what we asked with the initial brief: made a house a home. We are a few weeks on post the move and I’m so happy to report we are finding it easy to keep things feeling “decluttered”. We are planning on getting Systematic Homes back to help once we have got the extra shelving and can unpack the last few bits and bobs. So if you are thinking of moving and cannot stomach the thought of doing it alone, don’t. Call in the experts. Systematic Homes you rock! "

Last few words from Systematic Homes:

" It was a pleasure to help such a lovely family settle into their new home. I am delighted they were so happy with our Homemaker Services. At times life can be so busy and moving to a new house can be very stressful, asking for help can make all the difference. " If you’re on the move and want Systematic Homes to help just give as a call, we are always happy to step up to the challenge.