A Systematic Wardrobe

What do you see when you look in your wardrobe?

Do you find thinking about what to wear each day stressful?

Do you hate getting ready and often end up in the same few things?

Not really knowing how many clothes you have?

Do you have to pull loads of stuff out or really root for that top you love or think you love till you find it and put it on.

Do you hate putting washing away?

If this is you, you will really benefit in reading this blog on “A Systematic Wardrobe” Once your clothes are organised and you can clearly see what you have and knowing where all your accessories are, will make getting ready each morning a breeze. Mornings are a busy time and anything we can do to make it easier is beneficial to a happy start to the day. If you feel confident that you know your style and what you like it’s very easy to get started. If you feel you need a bit of help and want to relook at your style for where you are in life now, it might be worth seeking advice from a style consultant. At Systematic Homes we have done some joint work with stylists decluttering wardrobes. Pop into Rubarb in Hitchin and have a chat with Pooja or message Marika. These are the ladies to get your wardrobe right up to date and help you look at the best styles for you. Let’s get started:

  • First, get everything out of your wardrobe

  • Have three piles yes, no, and maybe

  • Try on your clothes

Once you have them on think about these things:

  1. When did I last wear this?

  2. Does it fit properly

  3. Does it work for my current life style?

  4. If I was in the shop would I buy it now?

Trust your gut feeling and be honest with yourself, when trying on your clothes. Although I am all for keeping a pair of your favourite skinny jeans as motivation to lose some weight it’s important to not keep a whole wardrobe of clothes that don’t fit anymore. Embrace who you are now. Once you have your three piles, you can start stage two! With the maybe pile, box them up and put them somewhere you don’t go very often and set a date on your phone in 6 months to re look at them.

With the no pile, have a look at what you might be able to sell. Remember selling clothes can be time consuming, for little money so think, do you have time to sell them? You could look for local clothes agents especially for designer items or expensive outfits you wore once or twice. Once you have sorted out the items you might sell or get someone to sell for you, take the rest to a great charity shop. Local to me I love the garden house hospice, keech and Animal free research. Now let’s get organising the rest.

I recommend to my clients to look for some fabulous hangers, and storage that helps keep everything organised and makes it easy for them to see. It always looks lovely if everything is ordered and matching.

If you are short of space, make room in your wardrobe by having a summer and winter wardrobe and store the one not in use under your bed or up high in your wardrobe.

I sought Joanne's help to organise and de-clutter my families wardrobes, mine in particular was so messy I couldn't see what I had anymore and being a busy working mum I hadn't the time or the headspace to deal with it. Finding anything to wear was becoming a bit of a nightmare but Joanne helped me sort through everything finding things I hadn't seen for ages! She implemented a system that makes sense where I can now see different items clearly and with Joanne's help I've got rid of so many things we have grown out of or just don't need anymore. Putting washing away is so much easier too as everything now has a place and I feel a lot calmer in the mornings which i feel is a positive way to start the day. I would highly recommend Joanne's services, she is logical and meticulous with some amazing ideas! Thanks so much for making my day to day life much calmer and practical xx

Every day things need to be close to hand It’s important to think about how you use your wardrobe. It could be that you work in an environment that you must be dressed smart, so you might have a work section in your wardrobe.

For most people having your clothes in sections in the wardrobe is the best way. Start with jumpers, cardigans, short sleeve tops, long sleeve tops, skirts, trousers and dresses. Once you have them in sections colour coordinate each section, it will make things so much easier to find.

Gym clothes, t shirts, nightwear, loungewear and underwear should be stored in draws. Rolling them and colour coordinating in draw dividers will keep them organised. Belts should also be rolled and in a basket or draw divider.

Occasional things, like smart shoes and clutch bags can be stored higher or under the bed, but I would recommend using closed storage that you can see in to, so you remember what’s there and they stay dust free. Beach wear/holiday wear or ski wear can also be stored in closed storage out of the way.

Organising your wardrobe can be life changing, read some of Systematic Homes reviews to see the impact it can have. Not only to your daily routine, but to how you put your washing away, how you shop and how you feel about yourself. It will make each morning less stressful.

For your free consultation contact me to discuss how we can assist you.