March Newsletter

There is a definite feeling of hope in the air, that comes every year with Spring, but this year it feels amazing, especially as there is a plan that will hopefully give us all the opportunity to see family and friends soon.

We have not been to clients houses' since mid-December and have really missed all our lovely clients. It was difficult to decide to pause all face to face work but it felt like the right decision, as many of us are focussed on homeschooling, working from home, and keeping safe. We are excited now to get back to face to face support and we have opened up our books to start taking bookings for The Declutter and The Ultimate Journey.

We may not have been in peoples homes but we have been busy. Our workshop Sorted! is live and ready for you to book onto. If you want to know more and why you should attend, check out this fantastic video testimonial.

We have also finished our new website. We are very happy with how it looks and feels. We have grown so much since we launched Systematic Homes nearly four years ago and we feel this website brings us and our services up to date. It clearly reflects all we do to support our clients during the busy times of their life and to help them on their journey to a calmer home.

I love spring, throwing open the windows and getting washing on the line. I always see spring as a time for change, growth and new beginnings. Spring fills me with energy, due to the better weather and longer days. I love to use this energy to make the changes I want to change and yes, to have a good declutter. Even I need to go through and move things on, to keep my home calm and clutter-free. That is why APDO have Spring Clearing week in March.

So what is Spring clearing week?

Spring Clearing Week 2021 is happening from 22-28 March. The theme this year is Making Clutter Count and APDO will be exploring constructive avenues for your clutter including where to donate, sell, recycle, or ditch.

APDO launched Spring Clearing Week in March 2018. Their aim was to help people understand the benefits of decluttering and clearing out, as well as how a Professional Organiser can assist in that process.  

As an APDO member, I plan to use this as an opportunity to support all my clients, and followers, with special offers to kick start their journey to clutter-free. Do make sure you are following Systematic Homes on social media to get the latest news and special offers from Monday 22nd March.

Remember we offer FREE consultations. If you want to discuss which package is best for you to start your journey to clutter-free living.

Mother's Day

March is also special as it is the month we celebrate our mums. Mothers day is Sunday 14th March this year. We've sourced some lovely presents that we think are special and keep giving but also don’t add to the clutter.

Aline wellbeing meditation subscription

Here at Systematic Homes, we are big believers in meditation, it is a great way to relax and switch off. Abi offers weekly online mediation, it is a brilliant opportunity to relax at home.

Reimagise style subscription

Many woman have too much in their wardrobes. We are all guilty of having things we don’t wear for one reason or another, but all of these things stop us from using our wardrobes and getting the best out of our clothes. Lindsey at Reimagise offers many services to help you develop your own style but I love her style subscription, it is fabulous and worth every penny. Also a good excuse to have a good declutter of your wardrobe.

Bottle Bazaar

If you like wine, I would highly recommend Bottle Bazaar wine club. It is just brilliant, not only do you get to drink the wine you get to learn about the wine you're drinking. They also do beautiful personalised wine for that extra special feeling and after the year we have had Mum’s will love this.

Liv Life Love

I loved the pamper box I got for valentines day from Liv Life Love and the Mothers Day boxes are amazing. This young lady started her business only recently and has a special place in our hearts. Her new business is all about mum’s taking care of themselves. We mum’s put lots of pressure on ourselves and we need to support each other and remind each other to take care of ourselves.

Waggon and Horses

Giving mums a break on Mothers Day is a great idea, so why not book a takeaway meal, we love a roast on a Sunday and would always usually go out, so this year we are getting a take away roast. We have loved the service and food from the Wagon and Horses in Gravely and for local people we would highly recommend a take away roast from here.

Systematic Homes Gift Voucher

Don’t forget we do vouchers too, which can be used on any of our packages and workshops. Studies show that our moods improve when we have a good clear out and get things organised. A huge 81% have said that a tidy up improved their mood, interestingly women were more likely to have their spirits lifted by a tidy house than men.

Wishing you all a March full of hope and sunshine for better days ahead, and take care of the lovely ladies in your life.