Top tips to help keep your home clutter free

Each of our clients comes to us for a different reason but they all want the same outcome! To live in a calm home that is clutter-free, easier to keep, and works well for busy family lives.

As we work with our clients, whether it be on zoom, in a workshop, or hands-on in their homes we hope to offer them a service that leaves them feeling like a weight has been lifted off their shoulders. That their minds feel less cluttered as well as their homes.

We believe that there is no one way fits all, we are all different and live different lives. We work with our clients to find their vision for their home. It is not about us telling them how they should live it is about us offering ideas solutions, and tips.

It is the same with our blogs and newsletter, we like to share solutions that have worked for clients or in our homes. We hope we can help to reduce stress and help to create your calm home, that is easy to keep clean and a place you look forward to relaxing in at the end of a busy day.

This year has been a very busy year for Systematic Homes. We have supported many clients on their individual journeys and one thing they all ask at the end is What can I do to keep it like this?

So here are 7 top tips to help keep your home clutter-free:

Make Donating a way of life! Have a box, bag, or space for the things you no longer want, need, or fit can be placed and once filled take to a local charity shop. This stops things you know you are not going to keep cluttering up your space.

Stay on top of the post! Have a system for your post and other paperwork that comes into the house. Junk mail does not make it into my house, it goes from my front door to the recycling bin. Post gets opened and goes into one of three categories, To-do, to file or to shred!

Try the one in one out system! Especially for clothes and toys, this is not to stop you from having the thing you love, it is to encourage you to think about what you need. If you see something you love, consider whether it's worth giving something else away to have it?

Once everything has a home label it! That way everyone knows where things belong. For children’s rooms, I recommend using pictures and words.

Every day make your bed, wipe down kitchen surfaces and sweep the floor! Keeping on top of these simple things will support your ongoing journey to clutter-free living. I fold our bed covers back when we get up and either make the beds before we leave for school or when I get home. I wipe the surfaces and sweep the floors after dinner.

Lead by example! e.g. If you don’t put things on the kitchen worktop others will follow and not do the same.

At busy times e.g. the morning rush! Things will get left in the wrong place and that’s ok, but do try to create time in your day to put things back. Having a 10-15 minute daily tidy up will stop dumping grounds building up. Do get the family involved- in our house, we have a tidy up song (see video)!

The most important thing to remember is this is everyone's home and therefore everyone in it should be doing their bit!

Children from a young age can help with simple tasks and learn to do things mummy and daddy are doing. Even if they just put their shoes back on the shoe rack or their coat on the hook, they have helped. Make it fun and work together to keep your home clutter-free. Start your own tidy up can checkout mine below :)

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