Decluttering and Home Organising Services

We can help you turn any room in your home into a more organised and easily managed space.

Creating Calm Spaces

Creating Calm Spaces is online support, guiding you, to declutter and organise your home.

If you feel you have a room, an area, or a few spaces that need to be sorted but feel like you don’t know where to get started, Creating Calm Spaces is for you!

Plants and Candles
Image by Eea Ikeda

The Declutter

The Declutter is hands-on support in your home. Once clutter starts to build, it can feel tricky to know where to start or even to know what to do with all the stuff!


The Declutter is just what you need to clear the decks, to see your house in a new light, and to see it reach its full potential.

Journey to a calm home

The Ultimate Journey is hands-on in your home and online support to declutter, organise and implement systems and routines that support a calmer family home.

We have been working to support busy families to feel calmer for four years now and we know the best way to make big changes is by investing the time and getting the right support and that is what the Ultimate Journey is all about.

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