The Declutter

The Declutter is hands-on support in your home. 
When life gets busy and you have lots going on it is very easy for clutter to build. 

Once clutter starts to build it can feel tricky to know where to start or even to know what to do with all the stuff! e.g What to keep, what should go, where you should take it, what to sell and how to sell! It can feel overwhelming to know where to start. Sometimes we just need a helping hand to clear the clutter.

Let’s get started!


The Declutter is just what you need to clear the decks, to see your house in a new light, and to its full potential. 

The added bonus with The Declutter is anything that can be taken to charity (and fits in our cars) we will take away with us at the end of each session! 

The Declutter is simple, three sessions close together just clearing the clutter. Of course, we will share all our tips on organising along the way and will help to put the things you are keeping back in an organised way. 

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" Out of clutter find simplicity. "

- Albert Einstein

How do these sessions work?

  • We believe it is best to get all three sessions book, so let's talk and compare diaries and get these dates booked

  • Once we have your three dates in the diary, you will already feel like you have started your journey, we can discuss what you need to do if anything before our first session

  • Each session will be for 4 hours, during this time we will work with you to declutter sort, and remove all the things you no longer want need, or love. It is important to remember we are there to support and guild you and we will never make you get rid of anything and we won’t get rid of someone else's things without their agreement. 

  • We will arrive with charity shops bags to fill, we will help you sort and give you information on places and sites you can sell things and will make sure the thing you want to keep are put back tidy and give advice and tips on storage. 

 Simplify life with hands-on support in your home

  All for £447  

 " Joanne is brilliant at what she does. I had 4 sessions with her and we got so much decluttering done. She also had some great storage suggestions which I implemented and have made a real difference. Decluttering and sorting definitely made me feel happier. Joanne is lovely company too so it made the job enjoyable. "

- Hannah